I was looking for what truly makes me happy when my story with photography was born.

After graduating, I had no idea what I wanted from life. This led to the purchase of my first camera and an expedition through Europe to discover what I was missing. It was during my time travelling through new places when I discovered how well photography could capture the little details that make up a culture and its people. After that experience I couldn’t imagine spending my life working with anything other than a camera and the environment around me.

Fast forward to now, when I’ve had time to experiment with different kinds of photography, as well as the pleasure to work with leading brands such as Microsoft, Ford Motors, Chivas Regal, and more. This has given me the ability to not only represent corporations, but also to tell the stories of people and places from my own unique perspective. In everything I do I try to see the extraordinary side of things that can often be easy to miss.

There should be an ending sentence here, but I am still writing it…